Looking for a compact digital camcorder. any recommendations?

Are mini-tapes better than mini-DVDs to be used with the camcorders?

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    Jer is right, but I have the Sony DCR-DVD92 (with mini DVD's) and I would never use anything else. The mini DVD's are actually about $5 each at Sam's Club.

    Very convenient and easy to work with.

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    Mini tapes (mini-DV) are less expensive. I prefer them. They hold 60 minutes and for the price of one mini DVD you can get 4-6 mini-tapes. Mini-DVD's typically only hold 30 minutes and can cost around $10-$15 each. You are pretty much paying for the convenience of being able to toss them directly into a DVD player. The quality on both is very good, many people cant even tell the difference.

    Go to the electronic store near you and see how the camcorders fit in your hand. Look to see how easy (or hard) it is to operate with one hand. Sometimes the buttons are in very difficult to reach places. It also depends on the size of your hand. Some of the better brands are Canon, Panasonic, and JVC. Sony are nice but depending on the model, they can be hit and miss. I also notice that my customers return Sony Camcorders more than any other brand. I personally would go with Panasonic, they seem to be very successful.

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    I agree with everything JER said also decide what you want in a digital camcorder. I am shopping now myslef and I want one with great quality so I am looking for one with a 3CCD rating instead of 1CCD. Also look at the optical zoom. Most people don't think night vision is necessary and I agree. Its great if you are a bird watcher and want to record owels at night. Other wise go somewhere with a lot of lighting.

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    I have a Sony Mini DV. I love it! There is more time on the tapes and it is super easy to transfer the data to your computer or to dvd. Check them out here.. http://www.qksrv.net/click-2142836-5463217?SID=son... Definitely check it out. It's worth it! Good luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    The Canon powershot line has were given an impressive type of cameras with each little thing you're searching for for. only so that you recognize, the memory of the digital camera has to do with the SD card you position into it, so procuring a gig SD will probable do you sturdy.

  • Eldude
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    I like my digital camcorder.

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