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If my spouse is in the military would BAH be based on what state I'm living in or based or the state he's in?

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    depends on what the orders state. Boot camp/basic Training and all schools or PCS orders that are UNACOMPANIED, BAH will be based on the location of the spouse.

    all Acompanied PCS orders(generally anything longer than 26 weeks) will be paid at the rate based on the zip code of the Command, regardless of where the family members are living.

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    For the most part -- BAH is based on where the Servicemember is stationed. There are some instances (for example -- remotes, high cost of living areas) where the Servicemember may choose to live apart from their family (as a cost saving measure) and choose to designate the Housing location as the one where their family lives (which is different than their duty station).

    For example -- stationing in California (High Cost of Living), but the family is established at previous duty station in a home the member purchased (like Mississippi). The family is comfortable there -- and the Servicemember chooses to do their tour in California by living out there (with a roommate), and fly back and forth -- so they would choose the Mississippi for their Housing allowance.

    Source(s): Retired Military -- personal experience with a HIGH COST duty tour -- and yes, it was more cost effective for me to maintain my previous location.
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    After asking my husband (who is in the military) he says that it is usually based on where he is stationed, not where you are.

    One question was, are you married and just not in the same place for some reason (he is in a zone that isn't safe for you and your family to be, or something) or are you separeted, and just living in 2 different places, or is it even you don't want to leave where you are and he is at his base? Basically, it depends on why you are not living in the same place as well.

    The best place to get an answer for that though would be to call the finance office on the nase he is stationed at.

    I wish I had a better answer for you, but that is the best place to get the correct answer without a lot of people saying what they think they know, and not what the case really is.

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    LMAO @ "BAH i for you, no longer her..." This chick probable yet another misinformed significant different that thinks she knows each and every thing militia through osmosis. No, Bah i wouldn't "for you" till you licensed bah "without dependents". Why do you imagine once you're separated or about to break up the military no longer the courtroom calls for you to furnish your "better 1/2" that funds till divorced is very last? that's volume is in preserving with responsibility station for observed, definite, and may want to correctly be in preserving with her region for unaccompanied excursions like Honduras and Korea. There are all styles of exceptions to coverage, waivers, and approvals to this searching on the position you've been and the position your going again to, yet that is the overall rule. i will preclude references because I dealt with this almost 4 years in the past, yet particularly solutions, get off your *** and bypass over to finance.

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    The people who say it's based on home of record are incorrect. Home of record is for tax purposes. For example, TX has no state income tax, so you pay none if that's your home of record.

    BAH is paid based on where he's stationed or assigned. Once you learn to read a LES (Leave and Earning Statement), you'll see it listed at the bottom with the name of the bank for your direct deposit. It'll say "BAH based on zip....."

    Source(s): Army wife of 18 years
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    It is like mrsjvb said. It depends on his orders. There are of course circumstances in which he can talk to his command about getting BAH changed. Those are handled on an individual basis and are at the descretion of JAG and the commander.

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    Military assignments are not chosen but ordered by the officers. Thus, wait for the military order detail of your spouse to know his future assignment.

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    Unless things have changed since I got out in 2001, it is based on his home of record.

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    Depends on the Accounting code that your spouse is under

    Source(s): MILPERSMAN & JFTR for NAVY
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    It is based on where he is stationed

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