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What is/was your favorite college class ever?

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    Psychology.I loved learning about the way the human mind worked. Because of it, i can get people to do more of what i want them to do, and half the time, they think its THEIR IDEA! lol, no, but seriously, I have always been into science and Biology, it was great to get at the inner workings of the human mind.

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    has to be College Pottery 1.2.and 3 ,, scuplture 1 .2. and 3 ,, and commercial art , photography 1.2 ... Painting ah 1.2. 3. ......Ah I had a few great college ART years in school . Pretty much the whole ah art section.... Yep ah a few art classes here and there.

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    Drug use and abuse. Prof is an absolute NUT; lots of fun.

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    finnancial accounting I

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