Want majors should you take in college in preparation to go to law school?

( To become a Corporate Lawyer )

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    You can major in anything and go to law school. There is no certain prerequisite major. The best for preparing you for law school is political science although business and economics are also good. English and history are good minors because you do a great deal of writing in law school and our government is a product of our history. There should be a pre-law advisor on campus at the college where you intend to go. Discuss this with him or her. Good luck!!

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    It does not matter at all what major you choose, and don't let anyone tell you differently. I was a chemistry major in college and then went to law school. I had never taken any "pre-law" classes (like legal writing, debate, etc.) while in college, and I did great in law school, finishing number one in my class.

    The key is to pick a major and classes that you really like so that you'll enjoy taking them and do well in them. Just get good grades in whatever courses you take, and you'll have no problem getting into law school.

    Good luck.

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    Any degree will be appropriate. I have fraternity brothers that majored in exercise science that went to law school and subsequently became very successful lawyers in Memphis, TN. I myself was planning on going to law school and majored in political science and history with an emphasis on international relations and Western European history. Now, I'm a successful banker in the Miami area. Have a major that interests you and that can translate to a career post collegiate life.

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    Don't worry too much about what courses to take in preparation. You can't prepare for law school. It's boot camp. Law school admissions officers heavily weigh your LSAT and GPA, and then consider diversity and how your personal life experiences are going to enhance the classroom atmosphere. Law schools only give you the rudimentary tools to get a start in the legal profession. Your real learning comes when you start working.

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    Political Science


    Math/Stats/Operations Research

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    English. An attorney must have an absolute perfect understanding of the language of law. Our country uses English. Reading, comprehension of what you have read, and a thorough command enabling you to state clearly in writing your expert opinion are essential to being a good attorney.

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    Pay attention....

    It doesn't matter.

    A friend of mine is a judge, and was a great lawyer (private practice). His undergrad was in drama. He credited his drama background for his abilities in court which allowed him to outshine and charm his way to winning cases.

    I'd say that you need to be able to write well, speak well, and think critically (in the classical sense). That is the definition of a liberal arts education. Liberal Arts doesn't care what you study as much as it cares about you being able to write, think, speak, etc.

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