i need help getting a book published. were can i get it published.?

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    I've heard great things about http://lulu.com

    They specialize in self-publishing

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    Do you want to self-publish or did you want a regular publisher? If you want a regular publisher, you need to write up a book proposal and send it to one. Get a copy of "The Writer's Market" (this year!) and look for a publisher who publishes the type of material you have.

    The very best way of getting a book published, though, is to find a writer's conference near you that will have a chance to meet with editors and publishers that do the type of book you have and pitch your idea to them. Otherwise, it often goes in a slush pile and who knows if it will ever be read.

    For self-publishing or publishing on demand (POD), again, it would depend on what type of book you have written. The Writer's Market will also have info on these as well. If you are going to write, it's the first writer's "tool" you should get. It's well worth the cost.

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    Do what I did: Go to a printer/publisher and talk to them about printing it up for you. A printer will give you a price for a specified number of copies. Then you can market them for sale yourself. They will help you get a copyright and a listing in the Library of Congress.

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    good luck - I am in the same boat - what kind of book? Try getting parts or excerpts published in magazines or other publications like that - then try for the big deal!

    Let me know what you find out!

    Plus, so searches on past questions - there have been lots of good ideas and answers! Good luck!

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    Learn to use capitals before you think of publishing. You can publish anything at lulu.

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    finally some one like me...

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