Where can I find/buy a portable heater (preferably battery operated but not necessary) that's a decent price?

I'm gonna be outdoors a long time in November and I'd like a way to help keep warm, with there being no places to go inside for heat.

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    The outdoors is a big place. How much heat are you looking for? Tent? Cabin? Car? Sleeping bag and a poncho? They make propane heaters that just pop on the top of a small camping size bottle of propane, and cost about $15. They make others that run off 12VDC (your car cigarette lighter) for around $30, and they make gel pacs that you stick in your gloves, socks, sleeping bag etc for about $3 each (but those are single use).

    If you could be more specific, I could pop you in the right direction.

    Bic lighters are .99 cents, and there's usually firewood just laying around outdoors.

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    Battery Operated Heaters For Cars

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    Tent Heater Walmart

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    A kerosene heater or a Coleman propane( Portable) camp heater. I would get the Coleman. Propane bottles are around $3.00 each and can last up to 24 hours. Wal-Mart, K-Mart or online

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    omg... u can find them at BEST Buy got mine for $3.00 they were on SALE!

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