Ever taken "Suboxone" and I mean for the real reason it's prescribed, then I need your input for a study.

I'm in College for Pharmacy, so please let the answers be from people (at least 18),-(also, this medication isn't approved for persons under the age of 18)-who are taking it for the reason of addictions, I DO NOT need storys of you all getting high, for those of you on a maintance program with this medication, let me know how it is working out. For exp. has it helped, bad/good side effects, affordability-like whether your paying cash because you want to, or your Ins. still or never would cover it, things or this type. I myself have had to take it, and yes I do work in a Pharmacy, I have to fight the urge everyday believe me, but this medication went a long way in helping me be able to do that. When I first started in pharmacy, before I joined the US Marine Corps, in late 1999, I was a kid-in-a-candystore as so to say. So from this, You all see I understand, and that's why my paper is about this particular medication. So send me some stories people, Thanks.

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    As a former marine, you know that people in training may act in ways that no professional would, often through the best of intentions. Please talk to your faculty advisor, especially about:

    1. Warnings about the inadvisability of posting one's medical history to a public forum.

    2. Consent forms.

    3. Protocols to protect children.

    Good luck with your research.

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