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Who should you put first? Friends or boyfriends/girlfriends(significant others)?


Here's a scenario.

You are crying and you wanted your best friend to come over to comfort you because not long ago you've been traumatized in some way, attacked or whatever. But she rather be with her boyfriend than with you But she'd talk to you on the phone though. Is that ok?

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    friends and family until married and then that person is considered family

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    It depends on how good a friend, what's going on with the boyfriend, what happened to the friend, how far away she is, what else you've got going on... There's no one simple answer.

    I believe: your spouse comes first, then your children, then family and friends. If you're not close to marriage, a boyfriend is a friend.

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    yeah......u'll be ok. If it was a real emergency then ur best friend would have been there for u but since it's not an immediate emergency then it's ok for her to spend time with her man and talk to u on the phone. u could call your boyfriend, couldn't u?

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    Friends first. Boyfriends/girlfriends will come in and out of your life but a true friend is forever.

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    What?? No way! My besr friend or me would never ever do that. Girl, that was very cold. She was not thinking of your feelings or careing. Still be her friend but dont depend on her 100% like i can with my best friend. I am very lucky. Its hard to find a loyal friend.

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    In this situation, I would put my friend first before my girlfriend. If it was a girl however who was having the problem, I would be cautious. Just out of respect for my girlfriend.

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    You're too needy. Friends are overrated, anyhow.

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    She was a totally jerk, dump her already

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