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I know everyone thinks IE sucks, but I don't have any better luck with firefox. So, that out of the way, A couple of weeks ago, my pc was hijacked, and though I was able to remove most of the problems, couldn't remove 2. (They were well hid!) I ended up having to reformat my computer. The problem is, when i got my pc reformatted, there was little to no support for IE Windows 98SE any more. I am having trouble with flash players. I have found some at The problem I have now is that I can get one, but they go to .zip files, and I have no clue what to do, what to open it with, or how to go about it. I download it, but nothing happens. It couldn't find "my browsers plugins" so I had to find that myself, but what do I do? how do I get things to work right? Flash players 8 & 9 require Pentium 2 & 3, 450k, I have Pentium (?)250k. Can anyone with real knowledge please help me and give detailed instructions what to do? Please?? Thank you.

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    If you went to this site you would have probably not had to reformat your computer. My friend had a huge problem with very well hidden spyware and we used this site filled with blessed techies to help. Post your problem and I'm sure you'll get a response very fast.

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    You are always going to have trouble with IE especially with the upgrades that are always going on. I had that so what I did was I downloaded 'Acoo Browser' it works with windows very well, and there is no hidden adware, spyware or anything else that will screw up your computer. So here you go. remember if you click the site I have given then you will automatically down load the browser. It comes directly from the publisher not from someone else. Another suggestion is go to the web site that has instructions for using zip files and how to's.

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    to look up for your pc info, right click on "my computer" -- "properties" -- tab "general"

    to open zip file, you need zip extractor application

    for flash player you can d/l from:

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    go to to get winzip. that program will open up those zip files.

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    Upgrade to Windows XP, make sure that you have 512MB RAM, 1GB is better.

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