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What was Phobos god of fear was he a horse???

What was Phobos god of fear, im confused i realy don't know please help me.

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    Phoebus was a Greek Sun god, and drove a chariot of horses that pulled the sun across the sky.Otherwise, see here:

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    I see errors in answers and in spelling. Deimos and Phobos are Terror and Fear. They are sons of Ares god of war and accompany him into battles. Phoebus was a Giant whom Apollo slew. Afterward, we hear of Phoebus Apollo. (Athene slew pallas and was called Pallas Athene.) Aries is a zodiac sign, not a war god. I cannot figure how you confuse a hose with Phobos. Perhaps Pegasus the winged horse?

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    No, Phobos (god of fear) was one of the two sons of Mars. Like all Hellenic gods, he is anthropomorphic (looks human) not like a horse. He should not be confused with Phoebus, one of the sun gods of Greek mythology.

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    Just to ellaborate, the twins were named Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror). They were the sons of Aries and, of all strange associations, Aphrodite. That's a mating between war (Aries) and love (Aphrodite).

    Mars and Venus are the Roman names of the twins' parents. Phobos is Greek. ;)

    Where'd you get the idea that he was a horse, just out of curiosity?

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    Here are some links to Phobos and horse

    (evidently Phobos was a horse and companion to Aries):

    Aries had fire breathing horses. I didn't remember that!

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