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am i over weight or healthy?

i am 14 turning 15,and i am 1276 pounds,and 5"4" or 5"5" ,im pretty sure im 5"4" though.and i have looked up my bmi,and it says im healthy,buti have some parts of my body that i hate! but yet i have my friends say im o so skinny.and plz dont tell me im just "going through stages" or something like that plz!


srry i ment 127.3

Update 2:

sorry i meant 127.3

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    you mixed up the numbers bcause 1276 you would like a hippo and wouldnt be able to walk or bend knees

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    You don't say if you are a person or something else, but at 1,276 pounds, I'd say you are over weight unless you are an elephant or some other large animal. Your info indicates you are human so I strongly suggest you get another pair of scales. The last I knew girls could weigh 100 for the first 5 ft, then add 5 pounds for each inch over that. That's just a healthy range.

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    im hoping that you goofed on the weight other wise 1276 pounds is more than a little over weight.. lol

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    you sound like u have a perfect body.You are skinny and young.=D

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  • J13891
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    woah, you weigh more than a ton!

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    do you mean 127.6 pounds?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ur gonna die tomorrow

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