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Do FROGS Bump Their BUTTS When They HOP ?? Some Say They DO, But Do They Really ???

We have now settled the argument about bears pooing in the woods. (They don't as have been proved by Larson in one of his Far Side cartoon showing a bear stealthfully entering an outhouse while carrying a roll of tissue.)

So, NOW, aside from whether or not to allow Iran to have nukes OR to bomb the dooky out of them now while BUSH is still only a president and not yet dictator, we need to address the posterior of FROGS!!!

Do you know if they bump their butts when they hop--OR NOT??

It would seem unlikely given that frogs hop most of the time when on dry land. Only rarely have they been known to get up and run about on their hind-legs. So, with this in mind we now progress to observe that if a frog's butt DID bump the ground each time it hopped, said butts ought to be painfully bruised by now--yet we know that frogs are supremely ignorant of having bruised butts.

And we humans can observe none either.


Do frogs bump butts when hopping or NOT

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    catch 1 dip his azz in some paint then turn him loose, u will see 4 ur-self if his azz hits everytime or not. Good Luck...

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Good explanation, but a frog does not have feathers, so they are going to bump their butt every so often :))

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    Your explaination is very good. I like to take a look on them myself.

  • Wiley
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    Are you 5 years old?

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