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Anyone know of why I have pins and needles in my fingers on my right hand?

This tingle affects my thumb and pointer. It is always there and sometimes it gets worse depending on what I am doing .

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    I have the same problem. I went to a neurologist and was told that I had carpal tunnel syndrome.

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    There is a nerve that is being pinched or somehow stimulated. Lots of things can cause it. Could be carpel tunnel syndrome or an injury to the elbow where the radial nerve passes close to the bone.

    Give it awhile to heal itself, then see a Dr. if it doesn't

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    You probably have a nerve issue... possibly carpal or the lesser known ulnar tunnel syndrome. You should definitely talk to a physician about it -- they can provide ways to alleviate the problem.. but it willikely be with you for life.

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    sounds like you may have a pinched nerve somewhere in your neck or shoulder area.

    i'd have it checked out by a doctor .... not an emergency but uncomfortable and can cause permanent damage after a while if it's not taken care of.

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    you need a doctor and pretty quickly. you have a circulation problem in that area of your hand.

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