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What type of degree, credential, or certificatedo you need to be a veterinary technician??

This is a school assignment i have to do......well part of it

veterinary technician

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    In California anybody (with the proper training) can be a vet tech or a vet assistant.

    But to be called a registered vet tech you have to do a 2 year program which includes chemistry, general biology, small and large animal nursing, dentistry, radiology, anesthesiology, and a few other classes. Once you earn at least a "C" or better in all your classes, you then graduate and get an Associates of Science degree in Veterinary Technology. Then to get your license you need to take a state board exam. If you pass that you get your license and get to be called an RVT or registered vet tech and then you get a fatty pay raise.

    I would say on the average a non licensed vet tech depending on your experience gets paid $9.00/hour to $12.00/hour and an RVT gets paid $15.00/hour to $20.00/hour. But just remember, each state has their own regulations, if you need additional info the AVMA (American Vet Med Association) has some info. Their website is I hope this helps and good luck with your report!

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    I took clases as well as studied under my Vet at the Shelter I worked at..I had to pass my tests Which was a bit easy for me because I was already doing alot of the stuff we learned...Drawing Blood,Shots,assisting in surgery.It varies from State to state because I met a lady from California who was helping after Katrina..She was a Tech and didnt have to be certified in that state.I just am certified as a Vet Tech and have another Certification in euthinasia,Thata all My job requires.

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    You do not need a degree, but you can go through ROP or an on line course to get certified as a vet asst. I personally did both. A Vet Tech licensed, needs 4 years of schooling and you have take a state board test to get your license.

    Source(s): I am a Vet Tech/unlicensed, but have been in the field for 5 years. Hope this helped..
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    It varies by state as what certification is required. Check the state you live in to be sure.

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    You can actually go to an online site to find this out. Google your question. No degree, your certification.

  • i think apha has a good lead on what it takes to be vet tech

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    I do not know

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    i think you have to have your assocaites..but not quite sure...

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