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Apporximately how many people of latin orgin live in the USA???


I am talking about people who come from mexico, guatemala, salvador, venesuela, cuba, and the rest of the LATINO world, not the Europing world, like spain and italy.

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    30 million -

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    I remember reading a magazine article 4 years ago that announced that Hispanics had just pulled ahead of the Blacks to become the #1 minority in the U.S. So, I'd guess 40 million.

    But, it only will get better. Hispanics are expected to be 100 million strong in 45 years, 1/4 of the U.S. pop. I forget my source. Canada is 1/4 French today, so expect to feel a proportionate Hispanic influence in the U.S.

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    What do you mean by "latin"?

    Are Italians, descendants of the Romans, the original latin people considered "latin"? And if no then why not ?

    Why do you discriminate? How can you call the people that originated the latin language and culture not "latin"?

    Sounds to me that you are just one of those people that judge people based in part or in whole on their "ethnicity" or "race". And whether you simply use that judgement to either influence yourself or others towards a more favorable view of one group or you use that judgement to look down on another group, You are a racist.

    My race is AMERICAN. and anyone else born in the U.S. is of the same race and ethnicity. It should not matter where your ancestors are from.

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    This is a loaded question...what is Latin Origin? Is it someone from Madrid, or Rome? Or even southern France...they consider themselves "Latin" or are they Europeans? If you are talking about people from South America? The Argentinians don't consider themselves "Latin", so they are out...

    Latin People are a vast diverse part of this country, who knows how many? How many Europeans live here...wait a minute, does that include people from the Baltics???? See what I mean..?

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    Including European Latinos, I will say 70 % of the US Population is from Latino origins

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    14% of mexico is here

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    Too d@mn many illegal ones!!

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