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What should I do about my boyfriend's catty 23 year old daughter?

I've been with my boyfriend for four years. Everything is great, but there is one exception. His adult daughter is making me crazy. I find her mean spirited, underhanded and deceitful. I have been nothing but nice to her, but am wondering why I am continuing to be nice to her when she has not been nice to me. She has pulled me aside and told me that her Father (my boyfriend) doesn't appear to be as "in to me" as he has with his past girlfriends/wives, etc. My boyfriend has asked me to ignore her "sniper attacks" as he laughs she has always tried to break up his relationships. Moreover she acts flirtatious with him, continually appears to need to feel special, acts childlike in his presence. When she wants something from him (usually money) she puts her arms around him and will state something along the lines of, " big strong Daddy!!!" He adores her. She makes me want to puke. I know my boyfriend just doesn't want to deal with the situation. Help.

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    I've been in the other shoes before. I had a simliar problem with my now step-mom. But my problem was different because she wasn't nice to me. Well, she was, but only in front of people. The moment we were alone she was nothing but rude and hateful. She even told my father he had to choose, her or me, and well he chose her. I'm not alowed to talk to my own father now.

    Anyways, my point is this: Just let him know the truth about what is going on. But please do not ever make him choose, because if he is a good father he will pick her, leaving you out in the cold. Not to be rude towards you, but a father should never disown his own children for anyone. Good luck, I hope it works out for y'all becuase it sure didn't with us.

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    Well,you already tried to be nice....Now the gloves come off. You're older than her and should know how to push her buttons... Time to start. This could be fun! Take her a side and say that her Father is sick of giving her money all the time. When asked,just say, "Does that sound like me?"When she's around start acting childish around her Father. She will say something. Tell her that you're just trying to be like her!

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    Just ignore her.

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