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will we ever get back together?

i cheated om my b/f and it really broke his heart, now he seems like he's over me. he had a new g/f for a while but i dont think theyre together anymore so now is my chance to get him back do i do it ? please help i need him really bad = (

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    You are dead to him

  • Anonymous
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    Sorry but if you cheated on him and he has moved on enough to see other people then I'm pretty sure you had your chance and should try and move on too.

    Even if by some miracle he did take you back he couldn't really trust you again, and you'd probably find it would be brought up again and again, pretty much in every argument you two would ever have. Sorry :(

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    He doesn't need someone that he can't trust,you were wrong to do that and I understand why he feels that way.I have been with my boyfriend for 6 yrs and even though I really want to leave and I'm seriously not happy I still couldn't do that,I can't even talk to guys on the comp. just because I know it's not right.maybe you should take this as a lesson and not do it again!

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    You only need yourself. Let him have his new relationship and be happy. Realize you made a mistake and don't wrong someone like that again.

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  • mopjky
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    If h sees to be over you then move on.Y ou broke his heart once ,if he has any sense he wont let you do it again.

  • sheeny
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    You've got to start off slowly. Just start talking to him and see where it goes.

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    just take it slow its going to take along time for him to fell countable around you just give it time is he dose love you yous will get together

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