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is your hear suppose to hurt when your wisdom teeth start to grow in?

Mine does


i mean -------------->EAR!!

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    It is not uncommon for erupting wisdom teeth to refer pain back to your ear. Your body is wired with a lot of crossover from different sources of innervation, sometimes when one nerve is stimulated, it is not uncommon to feel a sensation somewhere else - this is called referred pain. Usually erupting wisdom teeth have a small flap of gum tissue that covers over the occlusal (biting) surface of the molar, this flap is called an operculum. Sometimes this operculum can become inflamed and even the opposing tooth can bite into it. It is also possible to get a small soft tissue infection under this flap of tissue, this is a result of either entrapment of food debris or another source of bacteria. Irrigate this area well and constantly, but my best advise is to see your dentist so he/she can evaluate them. They can decide if it is normal and whether or not the wisdom teeth will have sufficient room to fully erupt - otherwise, they may suggest having them extracted!

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    The facial nerve runs from the lower jaw across the face and very near the inner ear. If this nerve is stimulated by an erupting molar it is very common for the sensation to be interpreted by the brain as an ear pain.

    Should think about having the wisdom teeth pulled. This will solve the problem.

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    Your wisdom teeth are really close to your ear if you think about it. It just feels like your ear is hurting because they have connecting nerves. Mine hurt too when my wisdom teeth came in. If it gets too bad, call your dentist and get some pain medication. Good luck.

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    Something is really wrong with your ear, thats why you wrote hear for ear !!! [joke..ha ha].

    u ave not mentioned your age , if u are around 18 its ok. the tooth MAY come out. If u r 19+ chances are less and dear, u r going to be in deep trouble. u may have to undergo a very traumatic dentals urgery called Disimpaction. may the Almighty help u in getting that tooth properly erupt.

    The pain in ur ear is called radiating pain. The pain hich u feel at a site away fron the source. i sincerely suggest to consult an Oral Surgeon.

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    It's normal for that to happen. Your wisdom teeth are rooted very deeply, and sometimes when you get a sinus infection (and your ears are involved in your sinus cavities) you will feel pain or pressure in your back teeth. It's all connected, so nothing to worry about.

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    the other answers sound pretty liable but it also depends where your ear hurts. if it hurts right in front of you ears it could be your TMJ that's hurting. Your wisdom teeth could be changing they way you bite down and would cause that. You probably will have to get them pulled! good luck.

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    Yes, your ears could hurt from the pressure of your teeth coming in.

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    Yeah, when your getting your wisdom teeth in the area around them can get very swollen and that can cover a pretty large area, including around your ears!!!

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    It is normal for your ears to hurt when a new tooth is coming in. It will also affect your sinuses. So you may need to see your dentist and ask if you need an antibiotic. You don't need to risk infection.

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