What are the main reactions that happen during exercise that lead to losing weight?

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    exercise needs energy, so during exercise bodies metabolic rate become high to fullfill the demand of energy.

    as you know that main energy source for body is carbohydrate and fats.

    during exercise glucose breakdown to form CO2 and water using oxygen.this is very complex process. at first glycolysis occurs in which glucose is break down to pyruvic acid. pyruvic acid breakdown to form CO2 and acetyl coA. Acetyl coA enters in kerb's cycle and ultimately breakdown to CO2.after breakdown, ATP is formed which is used by muscle for instant energy.

    fats are stored in adipose tissue. during exercise(rate is very fast) or even in normal condition (rate is very slow) fat is breakdown by enzyme lipase to free fatty acid and glycerol. these fatty acid are break down to form acetyl coA which enters the kreb's cycle as in glucose metabolism.

    as a result, fats are reduced due to conversion for fullfill of energy.

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    The body increases its oxygen intake and use. this leads to increased metabolic rate. The body burns more calories with the metabolic rate higher. More calories burned than taken in results in weight loss.

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    1. Increased metabolism

    2. Cardiovascular improvements

    As fat is lost and mucle size and tone improves, weight may not decrease, as muscle weighs more than fat.

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    when you burn fat...your actually sweating it out. you burn calories, not fat. if you burn off the calories, then they can't develop into fat

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