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Why does my laptop do this...?


Sometimes whenever I type, say, on Microsoft Word, my curser jumps to a completely different part of the document! Why is it doing this, and how can I stop it?


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    When you're typing, your wrists may be rubbing against in th touchpad, and you may be clicking the cursor to a different place. If that's not it, computers do funny things.

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    Go to control Panel>click on pointers or other hardware (or if not using Win XP click on Mouse window will open)>Click on mouse> Go to the tab Pointer Options> Uncheck the "snap to" box. That automaticaly moves the mouse pointer to the dafault botton.

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    You're probably inadvertantly touching your mousepad while typing. My suggestion would be to adjust your keyboarding style. There should be an option to disable your touchpad while typing, but adjusting the settings could vary by manufacturer.

  • Watch your thumbs when you type. You might be accidentally tapping the cursor pad. I do it all the time...

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    if you have the mouse pad in the middle bottom like mine, your accidentally hitting it which is moving your cursor around. when you click it it works like a mouse, i have clumbsy hands so i know all about it lol

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    lol, You hitting the Home or the end buttons, I do it all the time, Like hitting the cAP LOCK button when i go for the A

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    your thumb is probably touching the mouse pad at the bottom of your key happens to me all the time. you can turn your mouse pad off while you type.

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    Delete the driver turn off computer, then turn it on let computer install driver automatically.

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    ~ Could be a virus ...

    ~ When was the last time you re-install?

    ~ I read from a PC magazine that a user need to re-install OS once a year...

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    you are probity hitting the arrow keys by accident and that is why it is moving. It happens to me too

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