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HELP!! with teachers?

i want to get on my teachers good side without suckin up... im in middle school

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    Do your work (on time and with effort), ask questions in class to show you are interested in learning, don't be what my kids call dinked and act like a clown/have an attitude. You will learn more and your teachers will be more apt to help or give you a bit of slack during the tough things.

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    DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! trust me I'm in middle school and that's the best way to get you on their good side. Also bring your materials to class (ex: books, paper, pencil etc.) Be vocal like answer lots of questions. Oh and if a teacher is obsessed about taking notes do it without them asking. It works every time... Hope that helps oh and also try just being nice and not acting up in their class. Teachers hate disobedient students!!!

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    Good Luck. I think they llike who they want to (other teacher's kids, etc) and could give a care about the others. My son was "one of the others". There are some good teachers out there, but I'd say they are outnumbered by the opposite. Just stay out of trouble. Cause once you do one thing wrong, you will be "labeled trouble" till you graduate - if they let you get that far. BE GOOD.

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    answer questions intelligently

    do not sit at the front

    do not sit at the back

    do not slouch

    write legibly

    look interested and interesting

    laugh at the teachers jokes

    dress in clean clothes with midsection covered

    leave the studs and rings at home

    hand in assignments on time

    ask the teacher his or her opinion

    an apple is ok

    but yogurt is better!

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    Get to class on time, greet teacher, and behave in class (no cheating during tests, don't speak without being called on, etc.)

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    Pay attention, take notes, and do your homework; the teacher will notice that without you ever having to say anything to him/her.

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    I think all you need to do is be yourself, most teachers start out liking they probibliy already like you!!!!!!!!!! so chill out and work hard..........oh yeah and don't skip cuz that don't look good trust me Im a senior and I've skiped before.....not good

    best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just respect them, dont' talk in their class, goof off, forget about homework, make it seem as though you care about what they teach, even if you really don't.

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