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Is Pink, Red, Blonde & Brown hair too much?

I'm a hairdresser and love to experiment with my colour. I currently have fire engine red, and pink highlights in the top, with chunky blonde ones in the back... and my overall colour is a deep deep violet brown. I think i scare boys off a little. What is a girl to do?


i love it how everyone has answered without even knowing what it looks like. it looks really awesome. its pretty and i stand out. i wear funky clothes and chunky jewellry to match my hair. i have the whole look going. check this out....

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    Overall it is a matter of personal taste. Of course if YOU like then what does it matter what others think. The real answer lies in how well your hews match your skin tone and your outfits. Also the hairstyle itself - it must match the shape of your face - can be a distraction if it is not right. As for the boys, you may scare the majority of them off and that may be a good thing. Why? Because the one that approaches you is most likely there for you as a person and for your individuality. That way, you skip the frogs and go right to your prince. Hope this made sense;

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    Have fun with it for awhile. You are only young once. You don't hurt anyone right? My son's did the same type of thing, we had a great time playing with silly hair styles and colors. Now they laugh and look at photos of what once was. We don't regret any of it, we had a great time.

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    I love funky colors too, I do alot of younger clients and we experiment alot, usually my rule of thumb is no more that 3 colors at a time tho, but if you like it thats all that matters

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    it might be a bit too much. natural always looks the best. but you don't have to totally stop dying your hair, just tone it down a little bit. maybe try just one overall color w/ one shade of highlights.

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    My sister had deep blue hair about a month ago. She says that having the blue hair got her more dates than being plain old blonde.

    Just too much upkeep to keep her blonde roots from showing, so she stopped.

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    I would think it's a bit over the top...but since it goes with your profession, it's OK. I personally wouldn't do it but since you're not afraid to, that's great!!

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    as long as the colour is done right and in moderation then I think it would look good :)

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    Ever hear less is more? Unless you WANT to scare off boys. But if you really like it...more power to ya.

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