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clean and clear morning burst/glow?

does it really work? and do you need to use both the cleanser and the lotion for it to work? and if you don't need both, which one is better to use for kinda oily skin? thanks

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    Well, by asking if it works i assume you mean if it has the "wake up" feeling when you use it. I have oily skin, and it does not break me out at all (surprisingly). i tried the cleanser because i sometimes have tired eye circles. It does make me feel clean and awake when i use it. but my favorite morning pick-up for my face is taking a frozen spoon (yes, just stick a metal spoon in the freezer) and just hold them over your eyes for a moment. it does wonders. i have not used the lotion.

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    I got a sample of just the facewash when I bought another clean and clear product, and I liked it. It didn't WAKE Me up, and make me feel REJUVINATED, or anything, but I did really like the scent. It didn't make my face feel overly dry. I have decided to buy it once my other face wash is used up. I didn't even know they had a lotion.

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    I use just the Clean and Clear for sensitive skin.

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