Nuclear Missile Site Location Question?

We are moving to US but want to stay away from nuclear missle sites. do you know which state has the most?

I know Colorado does, and North Dakota...anywhere else?


Did anyone see the above question? I thought the answers were hilarious! Who says we don't have a sense of humor in the USA.

Update 2:

Did anyone bother to read my addes details before answering? I guess I wasn't clear: the question was from another and I was asking if you thought the answers to it were as humorous as I did.

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    Ah yeah they don't usually list that kinda thing. The best thing to do is move into a place and if you see missles heading toward your house just move nextdoor, repeat as needed!!!!! :)=

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    There really is no point. Should a nuclear war break out, the fall out, and nuke winter will make earth un- inhabitable anyway.

    1. Most military aircraft and many ground weapons are capable of using nuclear warheads. And if a war breaks out, they will be everywhere.

    2. You stand a better chance of being hit by a bio or dirty weapon in a major city, port cities being a first choice.

    3. Why live in fear? You stand a much, much better chance of dying in an auto accident, and you are not asking..."where can I go where there are no cars?"

    4. Send an e-mail to SAC and ask them!

    Source(s): ret. military, with fts clearance.
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    These sites are classified but most of them are in the northern midwest. Any place with lots of population/resources does not have nukes for fear of endangering these things from a first strike option by the ex-Soviet bloc. So in sum:

    Avoid rural areas

    Avoid the mid west

    Stay close to: major cities, oil refineries/ drilling areas

  • 1 decade ago

    Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, and CA

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry that information is classified

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Move closer to them, you'll be safer.

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