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What is so great about points?

This forum is fun enough, but why do people work their way up to level 7? There's not much reward.

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    Nothing really. It's like mountain climbers.... if you ask them why do they climb, it's usually, "To get to the top". If you were to ask me, it's not as much about getting the points as it is the journey while getting them.

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    Yes the forum is fun but when you see a level 5-7 that person has been particularly active here because you only attain those levels by reaching the points required. Many have no desire to achieve the higher levels and that's fine as they can have a great time just asking/answering and voting without focusing on points. Also a a level 1 can be as/more knowledgeable since everyone starts at that level including educated professionals or those with real expertise in certain categories.

    As for points, they can help a user participate more in the greater process, for example everyone gets 100 pts when starting Answers but a person who asks questions only (cost 5pts each) will reach a point where he will need to either answer or vote on others Q's in order to earn the pts needed to continue asking questions. Those who have taken the effort to move up in levels are given more responsibility in the form of being able to daily ask and answer more questions. Finally if a person wants to rate questions/answers then level 2 is required, so just follow the community guidelines:

    http://answers.yahoo.com/info/community_guidelines... and have the fun you mentioned.

  • x
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    It's not so much the points, it it the correct answer ratio. I respect answers from people at high levels with high answer ratios (like me, pphbbblltt!!!).

    Everyone else is just a bozo or a beginner. Some are cool and wind up as my 360 friends.

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    I don't know. Some people just feel like this is a competition and that they need to get more points than others. I just like answering questions and on some occasions, asking them.

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    I just wanted to get to level five and then I do not care the reason I wanted to get to level five is there is no limit.

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    The more you get the more you get the more you get and then before you know it you have OCD.

    Not long after that the drooling starts. Then the incessant babbling.

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  • Nana
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    It's a personal challenge

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What if there were no points or levels...what would we aim for? I don't know, it's too scary to think about...

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    Just a game. Only a game.

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    What is geat about points is that I have more than you do.


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