Why does everyone be political correct towards Muslims when they are not toward everyone Else's religion?

The Pope says that your religion is violent and you say no its not. Then you burn churches and kill some nuns. Man that proves right there he is right. You burn are bibles and we are not aloud to bring are bibles to your country or pray but you can here in the states. If i went down to your level and burned your koran you guys would be pist and want me killed but you can do it to mine. I will no longer be political correct to you people. I dont cause trouble with anybody but i will not let you make my country turn to **** cause you want us to stop our beliefs. I dont believe your women should be aloud to cover tehre faces in america. They need to be identified.they dont cover themselves there in your home countries.I was there i seen it. You say your friendly but once something happens you will turn radical. In your religion you cant be friends of any other religions. I fought in the war and we helped alot of your people. I know what its like over there and I dont trust you people

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    because muslims will freak out on you if you insult them or there religion. the rest of the world can deal with it.

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    Blinken - have you ever heard of brainwashed cult members? Like the Jim Jones followers who went to South America and drank cyanide kool-aid? Or Charles Manson's "Family" that cut people up and smeared blood all over the walls? Is it possible that we have an entire world religion that shares similar characteristics? If so, what can we do? We can't kill them -- that would be going against what our own God teaches us. We have to just pray and try to make them see the light. Crazy huh? Do you think prayer works? This is going to be the true test. Let's hope there's really a god, and he's closer to our loving idea of God than the cruel, bloody god that those people are following. We have to get stronger in our own faith!

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    most of these places are in low class places. before you show us your hateful side against us. which muslims do you mean. because there is different between people behavior and what the Quran says. this is what the Quran says:

    [34] The good deed and the evil deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better then verily he, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend.

    Quran 41:34

    u need to understand that the Pope said this statement in very sensitive time, where Iraq is being occupied, people getting killed, aggressive attack against lebanon and palastin, Muhammad cartoon. some people can't take pressure, one unfair statment, and they go mad. killing the nun is way islamic.

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    Don't blame the religion blame the individual if you must. Alot of people who are Muslim in America choose to cover their faces. If you have such a problem go live in a secluded cave. You obviously know nothing of the Islam belief, nor do you know anything about spelling and grammar. No one is going to take you seriously when you have poor grammar skills you bigot.

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  • HK3738
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    1 decade ago

    okay heres the deal, there were some Muslims who were violent in their expressions at the pope but why don't you guys look at the millions in the US that did not do any of the above, there are bad people in your religion too, look at this nut case in colorado yesterday, was he a Muslim? no. any religion and culture has good people and bad people, don't generalise it to the whole group, as a Muslim, an educated Muslim, I wish you all peace

  • s_e_e
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    Because most muslims live in places that do not have the benefits of education and civilization as say, where most catholics or christians live. The important to realize is that much of the violence comes from lack of education or a decent lifestyle, NOT from the religion itself.

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    Every group has its radicals and fanatics. That 10% makes the most noise and attracts the most attention to themselves.

    The other 90% are quietly living out their lives and not trying to deprive anyone else of theirs. They don't get the headlines. . .the radicals do.

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    ,I agree with you on this one it is political correctness gone crazy. If you believe something is wrong and harmful then why must you respect it? People need to start thinking for themselves.

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    Cause their freaking psychotic....If it werent for all the oil, they would still be living in tents and no one would even give a crap about them.

    I think people are getting tired of the constant rampages they go on everytime they get "offended". It's gonna back fire on them eventually.

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    Because of bull sh#t liberal FEAR!

    But thats okay, I got a brand new carbine and a itchy finger!

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