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does it hurt when you get your wisdom teeth removed?

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    If you have enough Novocain, you won't feel (pain wise) a thing.

    However, when the Novocain wears off, you will probably need the pre-scibed meds to keep the pain down for a couple of days.

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    Any time something is being removed from your body you can expect a certain amount of discomfort. This question depends to some degree on if your teeth are impacted or not. 3 of mine were not, one was. I had only laughing gas for my surgery....and it wasn't great, but it wasn't the end of the world. I have had worse.

    My best recommendation is ice, ice, and more ice afterwards. It is the best help to recovery -- and minimal swelling.

    Get them out while you are young, I learned the hard way the the older you are the roots grow and grow. Mine were twisted around a nerve, which is not right to this day (9yrs later!)

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    I was put to sleep lol. Because my wisdom teeth were impacted on the bottom and when i woke up i was out of it and fine but when i went home and slept i woke up about an hour later and there was a ton of blood all over my pillow. But the next day i went to school and was fine. Good luck!

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    Any major surgical procedure such as this would hurt (and does) but compared to the pain of not having them done, having them get badly infected to the point where there's possible nerve damage and the infection spreads to other parts of the jaw - that hurts worse! Believe me - I had to get mine taken out this year and ther was bad pain for months leading up to when I had them removed.

    And when you get them out - just get all four taken out at once - you don't want to experience the recovery period and know there's a chance you'll have to get the others removed later and go through it again. Believe me, once is enough.

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  • I would guess it does. I have my top 2, worried about my bottom ones. I've never had teeth pulled, but my brother had 4 pulled when he was about 10. He WAS only 10, but he did not look happy an hour later. Try a bag of peas on the sides of your face, I heard that works good.

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    It's surgery, so it won't be painless. I had 2of mine yanked, and my mouth was throbbing for the next 24 hrs. Yeah, it hurt a little, but it wasn't excruciating. I didn't need to take any pain pills, even though he gave me a Rx. I'd say it will depend on what condition your teeth are in & what your pain tolerance is

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    They had to put me to sleep for my extraction because all of mine were impacted..Not feeling anything during the surgery didnt matter because an hour after it was horrible..i had a hard time eating for almost two weeks!!!i found mashed potatoes and gravy worked the best to try and get somewhat full....im not trying to give you horror stories but just thought i'd let you know my experiance..OH yeh and definately dont smoke or suck thru a straw!!!dry socket is NO good!!!.good luck...

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    Depends on how they do it. I went to my reg dentist. He just gave me the numbing shots and it hurt bad. He took out 2, stiched them up. and 2 weeks later I went back and had the other 2 done. My entire face was swollen for a month. It sucked! Got to an oral surgeon, so they can use the gas, it works much better

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    Your dentist or oral surgeon can medicate the area but it hurts when the feeling returns. If the area does not bleed enough you can get a dry socket and lots of pain. It means daily visits to the dentist until it heals. They will provide an rx. for pain usually.

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    From my experience, no. During the actual surgery I was asleep. I woke up numbed and drugged and ended up sleeping the entire day. Taking my medication round the clock prevented any pain. Aside from the awkward swelling, it was a very simple procedure.

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