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If you wish on a falling star will god make all your wishes come true?

Unless the falling star is a meteorite heading towards earth. Then you're pretty much hosed. Unless your wish was death by meteorite.


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    I've seen thousands of "falling stars" in my life.

    I am still waiting for that first wish to come true.

    Source(s): Astronomy profession.
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    that is an "old-wives" tale. It is such because many years ago, there were so few falling stars which made it through the Earth's atmosphere that it was thought to be miraculous to see it, so if one did, they wished on them because it was such an extraordinary sight. Falling stars happen all the time, it's just that most of them burn out before they get into our atmosphere. There are also times when stars are falling for several days & weeks of each year that it is like watching fireworks sometimes. Depending on where you live and how dark it is outside without interference from "city lights" you may sometimes see more and sometimes see less of them.

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    i'm not worried approximately meteorites. there is one faith that worships a meteorite. they think shooting stars are missles that are attacking evil spirits. they're required to make a pilrgimage to the sacred meteorite in the event that they'd have adequate funds it. Then they stroll around the meteorite in a circle 7 cases. Then they stroll as much as the meteorite and kiss it. communicate approximately stone age mentality! i can't have faith everybody is doing issues like that those days. There are a million.2 billion of them. They make me desire to declare "deliver IT ON METEORITE!" so i will escape the non-end evangelism they regurgitate daily.

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    You answered your own question.

    Now you won't get your wish.

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    God. Capital "G".

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    good luck on that..

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    uh, NO!!

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