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Who is your favorite baseball player?, What team? Why?

My favorite player is Nomar Garciapara on the Dodgers.


To gabriella.... yes

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    Nomarrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

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    My favorite team is the Giants even though they didnt make it this year.

    My favorite defensive player is Omar Vizquel-he's a great Short Stop-he's also a pretty good offensive player

    I would have to say my favorite player offensively is Moises Alou. he is finishing out the year most likely with above .300 and he hits when the Giants need hits.

    Even though Bonds isnt the greatest player on the team I would like to see him break Hank Aarons record in a Giants uniform!

    since the giants are out though , im rootin for the Padres to claim world series title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Todd Greene's great as well just so that you know your definitely not the only one who likes him! lol

    I think he can become and has been a great hitter and catcher for that matter for the Giants!!

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    SO HARD!!

    I love Nolan Ryan, ex- player, retired from Astros. He was amazing. 5,714 strikeouts, seven no-hitters and 324 wins! Completely amazing!

    More recently, Jeff Bagwell - one of the best first basemen I've ever seen play (I know, controversial statement, just my opinion!) Such a great guy, too.

    And currently, Craig Biggio - once again, a truly amazing player. He does great work in the community with the Sunshine Kids, as well. I have to say, it gives me chills every time I go to a game and hear 40,000+ fans chanting B-G-O! 19 professional seasons, 40 years old and still going strong!

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    Johan Santana, among active players. He's a perfect pitcher. His mechanics simply make it hard for him to actually throw the ball far from the strike zone. When his change up is working, no one can hit him. He's a no hitter waiting to happen.

    Among retired players, I'd choose Cal Ripken Jr. He played in 2.600+ consecutive games and stayed after each one signing autographs until there was no one left. That's one hell of a ball player in all senses.

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    Gary Carter from the 1980's Mets. One of the all-time greatest catchers, the "key" to the 1986 World Series team, played the game to win, and with enough enthusiasm to earn the nickname "Kid". I met him twice and have rookie cards, signed cards, a signed mitt, signed book, signed ball, signed photos, just about everything but a uniform. In a time when most players were charging for their autographs, putting the money in their pockets, and avoiding taxes, everytime "Kid" got paid for an autograph he donated it to charities benifitting cancer research. That's not just a good player, that's a good man.

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    Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds. I live in Cincy and have met the guy before and he's really down to earth.

    LMAO at Gabrielle saying Tom Brady is her fav baseball player

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    Tony Gwynn from the San Diego Padres. He used to play for the Padres until he retired. He now coaches baseball for the San Diego State Aztecs.

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    Matt Cain, SF Giants. Why? Because Cain is going to lead this staff to destroy and kill the Dodgers and Padres!!!!

    Saying that, there go my chances of getting my best answer since you are a Dodgers fan, and I'm a Giants fan.

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    Johan Satana The Twins and why???? He is right now one of the best best pitcher in MLB. Also everything I read about makes him to a fun loving guy who keeps his team going not only with his pitching but his up beat attitude.

  • TK
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    Current favorite is Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs. I love his passion and emotion! My all-time favorite is Ryne Sandberg of the Cubs. He was just a great player all-around!

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    I love 4 players, all of them from... THE NEW YORK METS! (mets rule ^_^)

    1. Jose Reyes

    2. Paul LoDuca

    3. David Wright

    4. Carlos Beltran

    In no particular order. They all rock!

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