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First Few Weeks of Proactiv?

What should I expect in the first few weeks of using this product? I've been using it for 12 days now, I have a little burning feeling for about 15-30 minutes after I use it and then I experience a little dryness. I haven't had a new pimple since I've been using it.

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    That's what happens the first few weeks. I think that your skin needs time to get used to the product. But seriously, I URGE you to keep using it. I used it for like, 3 weeks, and I haven't had a pimple in almost a year!

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    I use it too...mine worked right away and I havent had a new pimple for suggestion is to keep with it for a while, use a mosturizer (there should be one with your starter kit) to help with dryness, and use it twice a day.

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    i hated ProActiv.

    a product shouldn't burn your face.

    i use AcneFree and it never made my skin burn .. never made my skin feel dry. 3 days and i had perfectly clear skin and it was soft and smooth.

    AcneFree is cheaper than ProActiv and you can buy it at Walgreens, Target or Walmart.

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    just stick it out. if you are consistent, it will work. it might take more or less time for you than others; it depends. and drink lots of water! also if your face continues to dry out, u could try only using the reparing lotion at night...

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    every thing take time don't stop using it after sometime it will work continue using it,

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    Try acnefree... it's way better than proactive and it doesnt burn!

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    thats what happend to me 2 and i just stoped using it. use clearacel it works so much better!!!

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