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Simba asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 1 decade ago

Experienced windows 2000 pro users click here!?

I need to know the following by tomorrow if at all possible:

I need to know how to modify an account so that when they log on FireFox comes up, and when they close it the account logs off.

Also, FireFox needs to be unminimizable... so this account is ONLY for websurfing, and NOTHING else.

Any questions regarding my question, please email them to me at Thanks!

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    I'm in to Linux these days, so this is from memory.

    Create a batch file that starts Firefox and then exits Windows. Put a pointer to that file in the start folder.

    Set up Firefox in kiosk mode, using mods available online as plugins.

    If all doesn't work on first try, stir around. The solution is within your grasp!

    If this is for Mike Strand in Eau Claire WI, say I said 'Hello"!

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    I think you better to go to sleep and don't wait. There is not a quickie to this configuration.

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    1 decade ago

    Too rich for my blood.

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