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I think my boobs are like stunted. Seriously, plz don't make fun of this. But are there any natural excercises i can do to get them to grow more? I don't want to use any medical procedures. I just want to move them along the "growing process". HELp PLEASE!


I think my boobs are like stunted. Seriously, plz don't make fun of this. But are there any natural excercises i can do to get them to grow more? I don't want to use any medical procedures. I just want to move them along the "growing process". I havent even gotten my period yet and im like 13! I do have a horomone imbalance, and I'm taking a medicine for that. HELp PLEASE!

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    some girls get them, and some girls just dont.

    my sisters never grew in...like she still wears a training bra and shes almost 30.

    the muscle underneath your breasts is the pectoral muscle, you could try working that out, but the actual breasts are mammary glands, and to date there are no exercises to increase gland size.

    good luck, and learn to just accept yourself for who you are, with or without boobs.

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    If your family has big breasts you'll get big breasts if they don't you won't, maybe. It's like a gene thing, i guess. Anyways, but you'll keep growing until you are 18. At 18, when you start eating as much as you do now, you'll gain weight for sure. In your boobs, your thighs, you gonna develop bigger hips, and etc. Oh and it depends on what kind of food you eat, cause some food can put a little meat on you. Ya heard!

    Trust me, i know a lot of skinny people who were flat, and now they are thick or they either have an awesome figure. But don't rush to get big boobs, they'll grow, no matter how long it takes.

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    Well, as a proud member of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Club), I'd like to say that having small breasts isn't necessarily a bad thing... I mean, they say butts are the new boobs, and I have lotsa booty... Embrace what ya got, baby, and work it! You have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm 18 and planted firmly at a 34B... Now, I'm hoping that when I start having children this might change, but I'm not too worried about it. Just give yourself time, and love the person you are. Don't get hung up on the physical image that Hollywood portrays for us, just think of yourself as the most beautiful thing on God's planet... that's what I do!

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    I am not a girl , but a father of a small breasted girl. There are certain hormonal pills you can take, but please talk to a doctor first. I don't know your age , but if you are a young teen do not try enlargement! Let nature take it's course! You can try a push up bra for now, or even stuff! Maybe it will not bother you as much when you do get older! If it still does talk to a doctor about non surgical procedures! No shame in it!

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    You don't say how old you are. Your chest will start growing on it's own...any size is okay! Small or large...that is what makes us all different. My daughter is 11 and just has started her period...her chest is just now starting to grow...please, please...don't worry...I would have loved to have had a smaller chest...it is always getting in the way and can be very painful...be grateful for what you have. You can do chest exercises to give your chest more definition. That silly exercise where you push your hands together in front of your chest..."I must, I must, I must improve my bust"...it is true! Also pull ups or pushups will help with the definition but that is it kiddo...

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    And your age would be? If you are still young..you will probably have slowing down time..then growing spurts...don't worry about it..you are only gonna get what the cards layed out for you. Best guess is to look at your blood line...your mother and your aunts...it will give you some idea as to what to look forward to. Don't worry....

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    Oh honey, don't worry you'll be OK. I know it's hard to wait for nature to move along. Your body has it's own agenda and before you know it your body will take care of this on it's own. You are almost there, just be a little more patient. You'll see.

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    Depends on how old you are. They can keep growing untill you hit about 18 or so.

    Or maybe..dun dun dun...

    they might just be small.

    Accept what you got. Their isnt anything you can really do, your breasts are made up of lipids (aka, fat) so working out could make them smaller.

    Be happy with what you have, breasts of all sizes are beautiful.

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    well, i don't think that there are any exercizes that will make your actual boobs bigger, but if you have flat abs it makes the boobs look bigger in contrast. for exercizes you could check out http://www.shape.com

    also, try wearing a push-up bra to enhance cleavage. eat healthy meals, drink lots of water and milk. other than that, u'll have to let nature take its course...good luck!

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    nothing you can do. you have what you're given, unless you have a hormone imbalance, which is pretty unlikely. i have small boobs, and i dont much mind. i would look freakishly topheavy otherwise... XD

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