Has anyone read the book, or seen the movie called "The Outsiders" by: S E Hinton?

If so, what would be 10 words to describe "Johnny"?

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    Cool, aloof, Honest, Caring,Daring,

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    It relies upon. If that's a movie that's in preserving with a e book, i visit in simple terms about continually examine the e book (if i have not already). there have been fairly some videos which have inspired me to bypass examine the books when I hadn't ever idea about examining them earlier. (Ex: "The Age of Innocence", "sense and Sensibility", "hour of darkness in the backyard of excellent and Evil".) each and every so often that's truly the movie that comes first, and then someone places out a e book depending on the movie. I regularly received't examine the e book then because i detect that books in preserving with videos have a tendency to be performed affordably, and are not regularly written through all and sundry with any large expertise. They sound thrown at the same time, like they're in simple terms positioned out as a fashion to make a touch added funds. There have also been cases even as i will see an ad for a movie that's popping out that's in preserving with a e book, and the movie will be panned through the critics, yet after examining the evaluation, i will bypass out and get the e book. lol. So the movie inspired me to examine the e book, yet i have not truly lengthy gone to work out the movie. (Ex: "i'm Legend". remarkable e book, heard the movie is poor.)

  • 1 decade ago

    Johnny, shy, quiet, abused, ignored, soft-spoken, intelligent, loyal, abandoned, polite, withdrawn.

    Incidentally, Johnny dies at the end of the book. He burns alive in an abandoned old building. He was only about 13 or 14 years old. It's a very sad ending.

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    Johnny - 16 years old. The 'pet' of the gang. Is in an abusive family, and is best friends with Ponyboy Curtis. Is soft spoken, but isn't afraid to stand up when Dally is bothering Cherry. He's smart, quite, and caring. He's awesome!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, I have read this book and I love it! Are you just trying to get us to do your h.w if so I am not falling for it!

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