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How do I get my professors to like me?

Without coming off as a brown-noser? I have a tendency to visit my professors' office hours all the time (I actually am interested in learning!), but I think instead of liking me more for the extra interest, they'd be annoyed by it.

Any advices?

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    I sat up front and showed up to every class (some prof feel that if they have to show up you should also)

    Also, I read the material before the class so I can raise my hand to answer some question.

    Volunteer if he needs help.

    PS: Only go to his office if your really are having a difficult time with a concept. This is sort of their time to get caught up in admin work (as well as help students) if your popping in to talk about something that you should be able to do by reading the subject...he may just get annoyed.

    Other than that your getting into the area of brown-noser.

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    Learn more by reading books and doing research, you can't just bother teachers all the time, they have work to do like grading papers and drawing up assignments. Leave them be.

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    email questions that are not needed at the time you want to ask and also respect the time that other students will need to visit don't monopolize their time

    ( I am a TA and I get stuck with the students that the Prof. does not want to deal with)

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    Do well in the course. I found that thy like that. They seems to figure that they are doing a good job when you know stuuf the teach.

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    Your professor is there to educate you ... not date you ...

    Study at school and go to a speed dating session for your other desires.

  • Davie
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    Well, they don't want you if you are just an apple polisher, or failing to study the simpler questions on your own.

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    if you are truly interested in learning the subject matter, I think yr profs would love to have you visit and ask questions, etc.

    Don't wory about annoying them...they're there to answer your questions. good luck . :)

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    Then stop acting like you're brown nosing.

    Professors are jerks to begin with.

    Source(s): Just graduated from college, so I know
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    Wants your cake and eat too, hun?

  • Pooks
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    you a female? what are u trying to do, get him fired?

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