Anyone ever use And if yes, had any success career wise?

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    1 decade ago
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    actually, I had the best success with craigslist. I just moved to NY in July (I live on Long Island with my boyfriend) and I was bored last night, so I figured out how many interviews I've had so far (it was like 8.. the last one has been the most promising). Anyhoot, so I went by my success percentages per site, based on if I ever received a response from a resume/cover letter I sent to a job posted on that site (I save all the applications I send and note the site).

    Anyhoot, it was something like this...

    Craigslist: 30% response

    Monster: 0% 0% 50% (I only had 2 jobs for this site in my email and interviewed for 1.... I was sure I applied for more, but I guess I just didn't save those aps, so I'd still say craigslist is a lot more successful for me since the mediabistro one only includes 2...) 0%

    Hotjobs: about 15%

    The remaining 10% was from America's job bank, I think.

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    At my previous job we used it a lot to advertise for openings, problem is most of the people that answered our ads never bothered to read the damn things before sending us a resume.

    For example:

    I posted an ad for an internship. I needed either a CS-major or a high school student with some basic knowledge of web based programming and the will to learn while working with us and making twice what he was making in McD's or Starbucks.

    What did I get? Over a dozen resumes from people with Masters and PhDs, with more experience than what I had at the time.

    One would expect people with a Masters of a PhD to understand the difference between "basic knowledge" and people that know how to write an operating system from scratch. That kind of thing.

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    1 decade ago

    I saw a few positions I thought I would be interested in, however they ended up to be contract work, as the first Answerer stated.

    That wasn't for me.

    If you are looking for career success, try the following:

    Online job boards, such as Career Builder and Monster.

    Company websites of the places where you are interested in working.

    Your professional societies.

    Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Some limited success, depends on what you do - more for contract work than steady stuff.

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