Where is the fuel filter on my 1999 Dodge Avenger?

Where is the fuel filter on my Dodge Avenger (1999)? It has a 2.5 V6 in it I think.


I had 1 mechanic say it was abovbe the gas tank.

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    i own a repair shop,,and i think its located in under the car not far from the tank,,it will have a bracket that holds it up,,i think you,ll see it once you look under it,good luck i hope this help,s

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    Dodge Avenger 1999

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    It should be mid way along the frame on the drivers side. undo the bolt that holds it to the frame..if it has one some do some don't. Then undo the clips and remove the fuel line. On some models it has fittings rather than clips which you have to unscrew. Before doing this remove the gas cap then repace it. This relieves the pressure on the fuel system and at the same time creates a sort of vacuum to keep fuel from spraying all over the place. You will still have some fuel spillage...this is normal....please do not smoke while doing this.

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    It is a strainer located on the bottom of the fuel pump, which is in the gas tank.

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    Jewel..its alongside the gas line bypass to the gasoline cap and look under the van and persist with the gas line and its on the line..you may desire to desire a particular device ..this little plastic component to get rid of it..stable luck..i don't bear in strategies in case you get rid of your gasoline cap first to alleviate the rigidity..have relaxing..

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    did you try looking under the car and following the fuel lines or did you even look at the car before you came asking this question??

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