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I have light skin and blue eyes i'm looking to change my hair what color should i go? help!!?

I have dark blonde hair now but its looking a bit mousy so i just want a fresh look help!!

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    cherry blonde reddish, a little more lighter than auburn maybe. a light walnut color. not to dark, or light. id stay mid toned. my friends is dark blonde, light brown...its 2 cute. being blonde is good cuz u can temporary dye ur hair any color. the sell loreal feria, washable color. it works amazing on blonde hair and washes out in a week. they have the same colors in permanent too. just try a few and see what looks best in stead of just guessing.

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    You could go blonder or browner. That way it works with your natural color and should look good with your eyes and skin. If you were thinking red, I suggesting going for strawberry blonde or a nice auburn. Check out the hair color selection you have at the store or salon and see what draws you, what you think would look good on you. Most salons would suggest you stick close to your natural color, so I'd play off the natural highlights in your hair.

    Remember: A fresh look is good, but dramatic can go bad.

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    don't go to dark.. stay with the lighter shades... if you go too dark if will make you look all washed out... i have the blonde hair, blue eyes and light complexion......i am also a stylist -6yrs......

    if you want an all over color l go with either light brown or go a little lighter blonde.... i have done both with my own hair and to others they came out really good... highlights will look good too.

    if you are going to do highlights do a light blonde....if your stylist uses color graphics ask her to use a blue or purple base... (it will be blonde, it helps the pigment take to the correct color) if she is using regular bleach ask her to tone with a level 8 or 9 .. she will know what i am talking about... ask her to show you a hair swatch so you can see the colors before they are put on your head to make sure that you like them..... there are B's which are more brown, but they will be light, or there are GB's they are golden brown.. those are the colors i use that don't make me look washed out.... hope this helps and i didn't confuse you....

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    Try a light brown this could make your face look a little darker but hey it'll look fab!This will also make your gorgeous blue eyes pop you'll look like a model!!!Id stay away from the darker hair colors dark colors with your light skin could make your face look big and your eyes will sink into the background you don't want that to happen because that will also make blemishes or fine lines look larger a light brown will calm everything try a little bit of everything its your choice

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    Dying your hair is hard on the hair and can cause breakage and other damage if excessive. Instead of guessing, you could go to a wig store and try on different styles, colors, and lenghts. They have display models that you can try on and all you need to do is wear a wig cap (which they have at the store), they protect you and the wig. You can therefore see what styles compliment your color, eyes and face shape and have a chance to see all the different colors that look good on you. If you find there is a style you like but not the color, tell the clerk and she can find the color you want in that style. Will save time, money and damage to your hair, plus, it's alot of fun!!! Let me know how it turns out if this sounds like somthing you may want to try!

    Source(s): Mid K hair and wigs/ Ebay, type in "wigs" in the search bar.
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    Me too. I have light skin and blue eyes as well. I have a dark blonde/strawberry blonde/light brown natural hair color. I like it because its not too light so it doesn't wash me out even more, but its not too dark. Whatever you do, don't dye it dark. It will look really bad. Don't even dye it at all. Highlight it with strawberry blonde and light blonde. It will look pretty but natural.

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    Because you have light skin and blue eyes you dont want to go with a lighter color in your hair, or it might wash you out. I would say a redish brownish color, more on the brown side.

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    I think, since your skin and eyes are so light, you should go for some sort of blonde. Don't go too light, but play it some sort of natural shade, so it doesn't look trashy.

    I noticed someone advised using black....I wouldn't recommend it since it would clash so much with the pale skin, making it look harsh. I believe in colour coordination.

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    Red is so out!. Why don't you try dark brown?, Check out Angelina Jolie, blue eyed light skin beautiful woman.

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    try doing an allover colour with a light brown...then do soft blonde highlights

    you can actually get it all for like $10 at's called loreal expurite coleur i suggest the tone 6.3 ginger twist

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