My 16 year old daughter is going to ?

New York City for News Years with her 23 year old (male) cousin. She has never been there, or anywhere for that matter, by herself. Does anyone have any suggestions on what they can do while they are there? NO DRUGS OR ALCOHAL INVOLVED.

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    What the last person said, plus Ground Zero is in lower Manhattan in the financial district. Chinatown isn't far away - near Houston St (pronounced house-ton). Greenwich Village is an artsy district with lots of pubs. If there was to be drinking - that would be an alright place - safety wise. Times Square is on 42nd street or thereabouts. It's kinda seedy, but there are lots of shops. There are lots of old churches, corporations, government buildings, and museums. Big apartment buildings are all around, and some are huge towers. It's a fun place to drive around to see all the people and buildings. You can't get lost. Up Fifth Avenue - down Seventh Avenue, and so on.

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    I went there a while ago- really awesome place.

    They should check out the statue of liberty, check out Madison square gardens (maybe see a ball game?), go to the empire state building, go to central park.....

    There really is way too much to list - New York's like a bigger version of London. You should go to the local travel agencies and get some brochures - I'm sure that they'll inspire some cool ideas.

    Also, I thought I'd just mention that New Yorkers are the friendliest people around - it's an awesome place to visit!!

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    I'd probably suggest the best bet for anyone under 18 trying to go out the night of New Year's Eve without alcohol involved would be to go to a music concert. Check out this site for a bunch of different options in NYC... Good luck!

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    Sound like the matters started lots in the previous than now. Is she a minimum of having "safer intercourse"? have you ever talked to her approximately it? verify that she makes use of condoms, and is on the pill. you do not desire her pregnant, considering you have not considered extra healthful to lead her, how can you handbook a grandchild. sounds such as you gave up on parenting a mutually as in the past, and are purely now scared that she will shrink to rubble and could rigidity to you be a discern lower back, which it style of feels you despise. All a discern can do is provide know-how and suggestion from previous journey. communicate over along with her, reason along with her. locate out why she feels she has to have intercourse. Is she doing it to insurrection against you? you look such as you desire to be very controlling. bear in strategies, your infant is conscious you. while you're making an empty possibility, they are going to call your bluff. She may even bypass away on her own because of the fact of your ridiculous possibility. in case you in no way desire to understand your infant, shop going the type you have. Your infant is only approximately an person, do not push her away, or she will in no way return, or if she does, its purely for closure to the resentment she has in direction of you.

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    Please advise your daughter to be very careful... I went to NYC 2 years ago for new Years eve... It was a blast, but my best friend and I saw a robbery while we were there.. It was very scary... But your daughter should be fine with her cousin... Just be cautious.

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    hmmmm.. NYC for New Years... No drugs or alcohol....... Right

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