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What denomination faith were the Irwins' married?

I'd like to KNOW what faith Steve and Terri Irwin married into (What kind of Church/denomination), so that I can pray accordingly, AND pass on prayers according to their faith, with compassion/empathy.

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    I don't know what their particular faith was, but I do know that they believed in protecting God's creatures, and had the greatest zeal and passion for creation and life as I have ever seen. No matter what "denomination" it is, it's a good one, in my opinion.

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    That's an interesting question...but I don't think you have to pray according to what they seems appropriate that you pray in the way you're accustomed to praying on behalf of the Irwins. I'm not even sure what faith Steve Irwin professed.

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    pray accordingly? So you must be saying that God only hears prayer by each denomination? lol

    latter day saints, mormons

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    I'm not even sure that their Christians at all.

    I saw an episode just recently where they had their first born son baptized by Buddhist monks.

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