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Chinese Guys and dating? (Typical mannerisms/Cultural Norms?)?

Alright, brief explanation.

Last summer I went to China, and met this really great guy. Yadda yadda yadda, we became friends, then he said he liked me (not to my face, but to a guy friend of mine when that guy friend asked him for some reason x.x) and I already know that I like the guy, too etcetc/'teenager' cliches etc.

However, in terms of how he regards our relationship..... he seems to go back and forth between being REALLY affectionate and saying sweet/romantic things, and then just mentioning 'friendship' or something like that.

Now I'm not... upset or wishing I got more attention or WHATEVER. (<3) What I really am though, is curious about how Native Chinese men typically go about dating.

What are the cultural norms for Chinese men and dating/love? Are there any? I just ask because I want to try to understand this guy better.

Thank you all in advance for indulging my interest. ^.~!

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    Chinese Mannerisms

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    I had dated Chinese guy before...But I can only speak from my ex...

    The One I had he is really a mama's boy... And like talking too much sweet words. But no action..


    Yes, maybe culture are playing some factors...

    But guys are different no matter which nationality...

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    My girlfriend says the same thing about me. Although I spent my formative years in rural England, there's still a lot of me which is Chinese (more Chinese Communist) to the core.

    In ancient days, love? Not heard of. So, people speak of "friendship". In Communist days, love? Well, don't be sissies, "friendship" and "comrade" yes. Nowadays, love? Yes please, but not quite used to it yet.

    So, many Chinese guys, like myself and like him by the sound of things, would first think of a boy-girl relationship as a genderless friend-comrade relationship. Many don't like to feel "blinded" by hetrosexual love / lust, and would like to call on genderless friendship as a guardian to a true relationship.

    I hope all goes well with you and him. Warning though, cross-cultural differences can get on your nerves (speaking from personal experience). Anyway, we are getting married next year. Just hope she won't force me to see her family as much as she has done (us Communists don't like families very much - an institution of societal control of oppressive societies!)

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    Usually, when they like you, they'll show it in every way that they care about you, like bring you bublle tea when you said you wanted it 3 days ago,etc. But they can be very shy too. Cuz they need your comfirmation. Don't listen to his friends cuz they are full of it. Just hang out with him, and eventually, he'll tell you the truth. Chinses guys are not like most of the other guys (cultural wise), they are mellow and sweet. Have fun!!

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    A lot depends on what race you are. We Chinese men adapt to different cultures differently. When is Rome and all that. we actuyally do not have specific behavior for dating.

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