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help me w/ him!!!!!! please???

ok so this guy that i like ALOT always tells me he loves me but i think in a joking way and today he like called me that still him flirting with me even though he is doin it in a kidding way....hes like that to me alot so im just wondering what u think

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    He is TOTALLY flirting with you... Now your next question should be - how do I flirt back??

    (He obviously likes you)

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    Does he go around and flirt this way with others too? If so, then it's probably just his personality. If not, he is probably flirting with you. He might be saying it in a joking way, because he fears rejection from you if you don't feel the same.

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    Flirting is something everyone does. He may be attracted to you so that is why he's flirting. If he likes you, he'll make a move. Just chill and have some fun in the meantime.

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    flirt back see where his head at take the first step and call his bluff to see if he is serious.....but be careful some guys will do what ever it takes too get in them thongs

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    maybe he does why dont you tak to him and find out for sure

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