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male pug mating?

hi i have a male pug 1 years old my female is in heat and he seems uninterested.she even cries and tries to get his attention and is ready.he has mounted her a few times and she moved on him.so they never tied.she wants him to mate with her.what could be the problem?she even gets on him to get his attention.


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    If this is his first attempt at breeding it will take some time for him to learn how to properly position himself.

    The good news that she is being receptive, so it won't be very long. Just be patient, nature will take its course.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): A lifetime of loving & raising toy breeds.
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    Increase is beer ration and show him a mirror. His prospects are not going to be much better then a ready and willing pug girl. Maybe you should not be watching so intently. How's your performance in front of an audience?

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