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i want to give my rabbit some toys to play with. help!?

I want to give my gabbit something to play. what are so good inexpensive toys i can get for rabbits


please dont give a stupid answer. this is important

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    There are all kinds of things that you can give a rabbit for toys! Cardboard tubes (like those from paper towels and toilet paper), cardboard boxes, baby rattles. If you go to your local petshop, you can go down the bird aisle--a lot of bird toys are great for rabbits, just look for things that are made from wood or from hard plastic--things that make noise are best, and anything that's solid wood is great for them to chew on. You can also visit the cat and dog areas--in cats, there are the balls with bells in them, and in dogs, you can get rawhide chews-rabbits love peanut butter flavored ones, and any that are made from vegetable matter (look at the ingredients, and if the first thing listed is a vegetable, it's good for bunnies!). There are also a lot of ferret toys out there that work very well for bunnies. In general, anything that can be chewed (wood, rawhide, cardboard) and things that are light enough to be tossed around (rattles and such) are great toys! Hope it helps!

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    I've got a rabbit & he's got a little carrot shaped ball that rattles & a sports tube that he can run through and pop his little head up out of. Go to Pets at Home or somewhere like that, there'll be so much to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice. To be honest my bunny doesn't tend to play with the rattle but he loves the tube. he's very spoilt as he has the run of the garden when we're at home and when we're not, my boyfriend has built him a huge playpen so he has plenty of freedom when we're in work. If your bunny doesn't have a big garden to play in then you will need to get him some toys. They love things they can run through & hide in. But the best play thing for another bunny is a another bunny. they're very social animals & get lonely very quickly if on their own. However, you can't just go out & buy any bunny, especially if you don't want them to breed. If you do consider getting another bunny, seek advice on what to get.

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    Its not really a toy per se, but I like to give my rabbits tree branches from my backyard, they usually eat the skin off of it, and the resulting branch can act as a toy. Sometimes they'll start flinging it around in their cage.

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    HArd plastic baby keys, hard plastic jingle balls, paper bags, paper towel tubes, wooden parrot toys, untreated wicker baskets, straw broom heads, dried apple branches, and phone books. http://www.rabbit.org

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    Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Or straw placemats or newspapers to tear up.

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    a wooden thread spool or a wooden cube can work

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    get it a kinda small ball that rattles when it shakes

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