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Why does my dog get spooked and move away from me when i go to pet her?

i have not hiit her or mistreated her. All of a sudden i noticed she gets scared when i go to pet her. WHy is this and what can be done to prevent it.

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    i agree with getting down to her level, but maybe it's best to put her back, shoulders, not the face... she might bite you out of defense if she's afraid

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    Always lower yourself down, and go in to pet a dog under the chin. Petting the dog on top of the head when they are unsure is dominate action which could lead to a dog pulling away or acting defensive.

    If this is new dog, adjustment and bonding time is needed. If this is a dog you have had for a while, look to something going on with other members of your household. Animals who fear human touch generally have been hit.

    Animals also react to seeing you get angry, or act angry to other people and things. Dogs know when to back off if they feel that tension in the air.

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    Aside from the abuse issue, some dogs are naturally more submissive than others. When they do this many times they are signaling that you are the dominant one in what they see as the "pack" and they are not wanting to display any signs of dominance.

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    Is it possible that someone else is mistreating her? those seem to be the symptoms of a dog that has been abused and is timid of humans.

    good luck

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  • Try this: Instead of going up to her and putting your hand down onto her head to pet her, stoop low to the ground and approach her from a low position... softly put your hand under her chin or on the side of her body or face.

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    Did you just adopt her? And has she been acting like this before? My dog was like that too, when I just adopted her & I found out her owner had been beating her but with lots of treats and praise, she learned to trust me.

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    Is there any chance that someone else has mistreated her??

    Or was she abused before you got her?

    I hope you can resolve this.

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    i dont know maybe you should get her/him a big treat and give it a lot of attention if that doesnt work then leave her alone and wait till your dog wants to be with you

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    she is being abused by some one

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