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How should I start my business?

I plan on going door to door with tanks of argon gas and selling them to people at their doorstep. How an I acquire a truck? What uniform should I wear?

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    Start with a new business idea - who wants to buy a tank of Argon?

    Seriously, tho, check with your local college and see if they have a small business center where you can get literature on the whole process.

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    If you get a truck, get the magnetic signs you can put on the door so you look more legit.

    For uniform, any blue uniform will do - light blue shirt, navy slacks. Pay to get your logo embroidered on the shirt - it won't cost must, but will make you look like more than just a fly by night.

    What payment are you going to accept? If you can hook up with one of the companies that will allow you to collect with a charge card this will greatly add to your viability as a business - you can do wireless to your truck!

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    Klingon uniform!

    So at least they won't ask if you are from outer space when you offer to sell them Argon!

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    borrow a couple million dollars, buy a few gas guzzling trucks, and then get so far into debt that you wil lbe filing for bankruptcy in a year.

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