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Stepmothers HORRIBLE?

My step mom is having a baby and tells me how much better the babys life will be what do i do

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    Say "She should be so lucky!" or "Yes, because thank God I'm in it!"

    Comment on how much the baby takes after you.

    Chin up, OK?

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    Well you weren't too detailed in your question but from what I gather maybe she means that she will make sure the baby has everything it will need and she wants the best for it. How was that malicious to you? Sounds to me like your not too enthused the babies coming! Anyhow, if your old enough to type this question on here it's no longer about you anyway, accept that you are your fathers child and that she has accepted you but she owes you absolutely nothing. If this is her first child or her first child with your dad don't try and rob her of that your mother wasn't! Get over it! Stop being so sensative that she's there!

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    I don't think she's saying it the way you are taking it. No mom wants their kid to go thru parents splitting up. She's really hoping your dad will hang in there this time. Having a baby can be scary. You have to protect it from everything. I bet she tries to protect you from things,'s just how she thinks a mommy is supposed to be.

    I hope you like your new baby when it gets here. I have 5 brothers and sisters and now that we are grown we are each other's best friends. It's cool.

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    Talk to your Dad about it and tell him how much this hurts you. Ask him why she would be trying to make you feel bad, when your happy about having a baby sister or brother. You stay positive and let her look like the ***** she is. She playing a game. If you play too, you just might win.

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    is your step mom treating you badly?........ if she does then you're going to have a lot of bad days ahead of you..... but you don't have to hang around every moment... try to find some healthy activities, but if you want to make it with your mom, maybe help her around when the baby hv came out. show affection to your step sister/brother she'll understand and may treat you one of her own...... good luck......

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    love the baby so much that your the babys favorite person in the world. dont let your bad relationship with your stepmom ruin the relationship with your new bro or sis.

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    That is so mean and un-called for!

    I know how it is to have an evil step mother and all I've learned is to speck your mind, or it will eat you up inside!

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    love your baby brother or sister

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    awe that's aweful thats gotta be really hard. it sounds like she is jealous of you. i hope that you two can work things out...are you close enough to your dad to talk to your mom around? maybe they can step in and set her straight..i hope you figure this one out...good luck

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    kill her

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