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Celebrity duets...?

I am watching celebrity duets today and they are not showing jay. Did he get voted off already??

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    Yes.... :( last week. Too bad too because he was the best singer! :)

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    Okay, not to be rude but if you are watching it you would have seen that they showed hat happened each week and jai was the last voted off. If you tuned in late, I apolizes for sounding so rude. But yes, Jai was voted off last week and I was SOOOO SHOCKED!

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    Yes, him and Cheech got voted off. I don't think Lady Marmalade was his best, and I'm sure a lot of his fans watch Grey's Anatomy and such.

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    Jai Rodriguez, hands down. he's by skill of a procedures the suitable on the show from what we've seen so a procedures. he's gonna do it. i'm hoping that's a reliable adequate clarification for you, becuz that's the suitable that I quite have.

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    yes last week along with cheech marin

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    yes :(

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