Help please.?

I want more materilistic things from my boyfriend. I mean its not that big of a deal I'm gonna love him not matter what. Like I was saying though its not a big deal to me but right now theres alot going on and I can't see him that much so it would mean alot. I usually don't ask for anything and he says he wishes he could do more but I don't know how to tell him that I want it to be by him gettin me something or making me something. I really don't care. I just kind of want to be spoiled every once in a while .


I am not a gold digger trust me.I haven't asked for anything in the past year and really don't care what it is. I mean I know he gives me alot of things that aren't materiallistic and I greatly appreciate it but I mean every once in a while I'd actually like something that was materialized.

Update 2:

Money isn't a issue with him either.

Update 3:

To the answer to some of the questions yes he is the one I really want to be with. I mean and he does try and see me every second he can even if it is the cause of him being a minute late to class just to see me for a second but right now there is honestly no way we can see each otehr as much as we usually do. The job isn't a issue either because he has a good one for still being able to go to college at night.

The training I don't know how. I mean I've never really asked for anything so I don't want it to seem akward really.

Update 4:

Oh and I do reward him for stuff he does...

Update 5:

I have pictures and a sweatshirt its not so much to remind me its just I don't know I like to randomly be spoiled a little bit. I just want to konw how to get him to understand that yes the little things matter and I love him no matter what. But a flower everyonce in a while or something would help me with my troubles more than he already does.

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    Money is never the issue the issue is how attentive is he to what you say, how you feel, what you like what you dislike...If not attentive to those things forget a thoughtful little gift or present he's made because he thought that you would appreciate... You can speak plainly how you wish he were more attentive and demonstrative of his feelings for a card..a message on your machine..some token showing you he cares but only when it's his idea and not your request...

    Source(s): Some men can be taught to be more attentive but generally they learn that after your relationship is over....Good luck..hey most guys are NOT MIND READERS!
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    If you just want something that will remind you of him when you are not with him, then why don't you take a nice picture of him and put it in a nice frame yourself.

    If you truly are not looking for him to give you materialistic things and only want something to remind you of him that is the perfect thing.

    You can also ask him if you can have one of his favorite shirts that smells like him so you can wear that at night when you're not with him.

    Explain to him why you want it and why you want to take the picture and who knows, maybe he will even get the idea in his head to get you something himself.

    But to just want him to buy you something for the sake of buying you something isn't love it is greed, so don't fool yourself. If a picture and an old shirt of his won't do the trick, maybe you better ask yourself seriously why you really want him to buy you things.

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    people are like pets, you have to train them. everytime he does get you something like paying for dinner or a movie make sure to reward him for it. and let him know how much it feels good for him to take care of you.

    next step is to nudge him into doing more. for example. "honey did you see this new perfume at the mall, oh my gosh the smell drives me crazy lets go check it out." . if he does not ge the hint sit him down and honestly tell him that he is here to take care of you and if he cant do the job there are others waiting in line. Of corse you cant say that if you are not spoiling him.... train him like a puppy

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    I think you really want more of his time!

    Things, no matter how lovely, will not replace him being there.

    If that is what you really want out of the relationship and he can not or will not provide it then the relationship is over.

    Seriously girl! Think! Is this who you really want to be?

    I don't think so. I think you want him to spoil you by making time for you not by giving you meaningless gifts that he can not afford. Either way, if you push him and he does not want to or can not afford to he is gone!

    Please rethink this!

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    If money is an issue with him (sounds like it is), talk to him about spoiling you in other ways. Walks in the park, watching sunsets together, massages....

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    Be happy with what he can give you. Some people can afford more but they may not care for you the same.

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    have a baby by our man

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    can i say goldigger?

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