Jesus and Mohammed at a dinner party?

Would there be a stand up fist fight or would they get on like two brothers should do (Jewish or otherwise? And by the way Jesus never knew he was a Christian He died a Jew)

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    i don't know but would love to be a guest at that dinner party.

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    As you know in the gospels Jesus went to many dinner parties. With tax collectors, a celebration party for Lazarus coming back from the dead where sis Mary made a scene and washed his feet with perfume drying it with her hair...

    Jesus was quite the person at parties. At went to the heart of the heart of the issues

    If he changed the water into wine would Mohammed act nervously, or would he drink it. In the case of the cana weding Jesus did his miricle in the backgound so as to not take away from the happy couples special day

    I loved the part at the short chief tax collecteor... ya know tree climbing Zach... would Mohammed treat the tax collector kindly or ? I dont know

    And what happens when Jesus thanked God for the meal and called God father as he did in all his prayers but one... would Mohammed say Amen or no way?

    would someone dig through the roof and lower the mat of a paralyzed manand Jesus say "your sins are forgiven" and you know the rest... one can bet it would be interesting

  • 1 decade ago

    Last time I check Jesus was God in the Flesh. The word Christian means followers of Christ!!!!

    Mohammed is a representation of the devil or Baal. They don't hang out together.

  • 1 decade ago

    where they will meet Jesus will judge him and u

    no there won't be a fight no they won't like brother every one get on their knee to Jesus

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    all the prophets of God are brother to each other.

  • jp
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    1 decade ago

    Jesus is coming back soon, prepare to meet our God, they are not brothers,

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