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How can the US ask Iran to stop nuclear enrichment with a straight face?

The Iranian leader - maybe cynically, maybe not - is correct in saying that America is the only country who has used nuclear weapons. Also, the US continues to use uranium tipped munitions, and quite unashamedly, even proudly, develops new 'bunker busting' devices, which they intend to use, if they haven't already!!!

How can they seriously ask anyone else to stop nuclear enrichment? Now, Iran's purpose may not be peaceful, but even if their purpose is to have the power to threaten a retaliatory nuclear attack, isn't that a right every sovereign nation has?

I don't support Iran, but nor do I support hypocrisy, and the US has that coming out of its ears.


I am not saying the US is as dangerous as Iran, simply that you are the most hypocritical nation on the planet.

I can't believe how incapable right wing folk are of actually engaging in intelligent debate either... My head is exploding, as one of you fools says. It is exploding at your inability to actually answer a question in a balanced and intelligent fashion.

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    Good question. Not only are we asking, but we are demanding despite the fact that Iran has followed the all of the International Atomic Energy Agency rules and regulations and is in fact, a supporting and abiding member of the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

    What I don't understand is this originally started under the Shah of Iran in the 1950s, with the help of the United States! After the 1979 revolution, the program was temporarily disbanded. It was soon resumed, albeit with less Western assistance than the pre-revolution era. The Iranian government asserts that the program's only goal is to develop the capacity for peaceful nuclear power generation, and plans to generate electricity with nuclear power plants by 2010. Should we also go ahead and knock down China, India, Germany, and other smart nations that are looking for smart energy choices?

    It is kind of like the whole WMD thing you know? We cannot continue to dictate other nations based solely on our paranoid insecurities with the middle east.

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    no person's fooled. they desire a nuclear bomb only like Pakistan and India. Iran desires to be a great participant interior the Persian Gulf and a nuclear bomb is only the value ticket. humorous, Iran is closer to having a nuclear weapon than Iraq ever grow to be, however the purported reason we went to conflict with Iraq is as a results of a ability nuclear risk. the only undertaking Iran has going for it extremely is that it would not have Saddam Hussein as a pacesetter. that's something yet not adequate. If Iran grow to be basically interested in nuclear power, not nuclear weaponry, it would have time-honored provides of regulation with the help of outdoors factors. This Iran refused to do. there is not any "international good" to arm with atomic weapons. there is too lots at stake.

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    The IAEA inspectors that are regulating and administering the Uranium enrichment and building the nuclear power plants have all said that they are not enriching to the point neccesary for a nulear bomb, but to the point neccesary for energy. Bush's claim that it is really for weaponry? Baseless. It's just a claim. People are silly enough to believe him despite his constant lies! The only people that really know what is going on in Iran are all saying that the enrichment is for energy.

    On the other hand, the US has used ~2500 tons of Depleted Uranium...the radioactivity level of 250,000 Nagasaki Iraq this time. The US IS the only nation in history to use nuclear arms. Ever.

    Our country doesn't threaten to wipe other countries off the face of the planet...we just do it!

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    Once again libs assume America is no better then Iran and that there is a moral equivalent here. When was the last time we threatened to wipe a country off the face of the earth with our nukes? Lesson # 1 , we are the good guys and in the words of our great president( your heads exploding right now isn't it) "Your either with us or your against us", what's it gonna be boy? Lesson #2 read a few books about Truman's decision to bomb Japan it's very enlightening.

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    a valid point, but Iran, for the safety of the world Iran cannot be allowed to have weapons. unlike the US, Iran's foreign policy explictly states that its goal is the complete eradication of at least two soveign nations. theres a pretty big gap between that and dropping two bombs in order to end the bloodiest war in the history of the world in a move that probably save the lives of at least a million japanese civillians.

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    I think if USA were to openly declare that they too, would agree to disarm their weapons of mass-destruction, then Iran would comply to disengaging their nuclear enrichment program.

    If we don't condone others to have something, it seems rather blah when we ourselves have the most powerful version of what we don't want others to possess.

    It is like a Dad who smokes like a locomotive telling his children that smoking is bad for the health and that should never try or if tried should stop that habit.

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    Yeah, why don't we just sell them a few and get it over with. Then they can continue to escalate the tension in the Middle East with the greatest destructive force known to us. Good idea.

    Maybe you will realize what a mistake it would be to let them continue when your home country denounces Iran and they turn it into a wasteland without warning.

    Tell me Aussie. What have YOU done to help the world out?

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    I don't see our government leaders threatening to wipe other countries off the face of the earth. There is no moral equvilence.

    The only thing that's going to get your attention is when 30 U.S. cities dissappear under the mushroom clouds of nuclear weapons built by Iran or N. Korea and delivered by terrorist. Then you'll whine we should have connected the dots.

    Evil does exist and you don't bargin with evil. In a compromise between good and evil it is only evil that gains.

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    We will use force on Iran. That will solve this problem. Why is it that so many people do not understand that military might rules the world. We have the strongest military and if we do not want a country to do something, we use force. If no one can stop us, we win.

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    We are the responsible steward with an interest in peace. Iran is the crackpot nation with an itchy trigger finger.

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